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Plants, Seeds and Stuff

Plants, seeds and stuff
66 pages

This pack is Science based through Literature. Discover how plants grow in a cycle by moving through these tasks. Study vocabulary to strengthen your grades knowledge about plants.

Please read the description and download the preview before purchasing. The preview clearly shows you what is included in this pack.

Read ‘The Tiny Seed’ Eric Carle to tune your grade into plants and what happens to seeds.
Complete a KWHL to see what your students know about plants before you start.
A Word Wall set allows you to list words you will need as you proceed through the unit.
Boggle – lets the students explore words within words – 4 suggestions in colour and black and white.
Hairy Harry – 2 pages of instructions and 7 pages for the diary.
Plants – have, need and give
What part of the plant do we eat?
Sequence a plant cycle – 7 pages with different backgrounds to make them easy to sort
What is the purpose of plant parts?
Adding correct labels
Design a plant
Design a recipe
What role does a bird/bee/sun/wind/soil and ran play in the life of a plant?
Compare germination/pollination and deciduous/ evergreen
What grows from seeds?

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