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Number Sense to 20

Number Sense to 20
45 pages

Building number sense to 20 is an important step to consolidate before understanding really happens when working with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
- 6 tasks are suggested to help embed counting sequences that use materials from your room
- Fill in the missing numbers tasks –copy, laminate and then use a whiteboard marker to write in the missing numbers – there are a variety of options for printing. The black and white versions can be copied onto colored card
- Set of worksheets - what we know about numbers 0-20
- Number cards – 2 pages of numerals and words. These are black and white which allow you to copy on coloured card to make sets for your grade

Curriculum References
Australian Curriculum
(ACMNA0001) Establish understanding of the language and processes of counting by naming numbers in sequences, initially to and from 20, moving from any starting point
USA – Common Core Curriculum
K.CC.A.3 Know number names and count sequence – write numbers 0-20

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